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  The objective of the stamping forming research is to realize and apply the principles to solve various engineering problems through study on the stamping forming procedure,recently the research on stamping forming has been carried out in wide range with various methods.

  The first method,the actions of the equipment and die are decomposed into micro-crystal of the force and applied on the micro-crystal of the force and applied on the metal microstructure is then investigated and the deformation of microstructure to macro-deformation of the sheet metal is summed up.

  The second method,Which is the main trines of the recent research,this research assumes metal as the ideal homogeneous solid and simplified the property parameters,the boundary condition and the blank geometrical parameters of the metal the stamping process and principle are analyzed and described by mathematical method.naturally,the assumption adopted in the analysis would include some deviation between the real stamping process and its simulation,the result is certainly approximate and does not reflect the real stamping process completely.especially in analyzing complex stamping forming,this theory is not so valid,in recent years,due to the development of the finite element method and computer technology.this kind of theoretical method has greatly progressed,it shows applicable prospect even in analyzing complex stamping forming.

  The third method to study stamping forming is shown by dashed dotted line in fig,the characteristic of this method is that ignoring the deformation process of the blank under the action of the load during stamping forming,trying to build the relationships and rules directly among the original forming conditions with the final result of stamping forming.

  The fourth method to study stamping forming is denoted by dashed line in flg.based on the fundamental knowledge of the mechanics and metallurgy,the essential characteristics and principles of the stamping forming are investigated to solve the practical problems in stamping process in comparison with other plastic process,the characteristic of the stamping forming,the principles of the sheet metal deformation are unique.so this method has definitely aim and the analysis results can be used directly to solve different problems in stamping forming.

   Above examples indicate that this method is closely relevant to the real stamping forming process ,it can be used to analyze and solve the stamping forming problem effectively.